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Dog Daycare Service

Why doggy daycare?

happy dog playingMost dogs don’t like being left alone at home. Separation anxiety or even simple boredom may lead to destructive behavior, excessive barking, or worse. Or, maybe you just don’t have enough time to give your dog the exercise they need to stay fit. In either case, doggy daycare may be your best solution.

North Shore Dog provides an active environment where your dog can play their heart out while also socializing with compatible playmates. Our attentive staff is always present to control the level of play, and to address any bad behaviors. Daycare at North Shore Dog will reinforce your dogs’ social skills, making them even better canine neighbors.

Give our daycare a try – We guarantee you’ll pick-up a tired but happy dog!

Daycare Schedule…

• Drop your dog off as early as 6:30am
• 7 – 12 PM: Romp with friends…chase balls…lounge on the playsets…
• 12 – 2 PM: Lunch & naptime - Recharge those batteries for more afternoon fun!
• 2 – 7 PM: Afternoon play time…Sniff-up a new friend or two!

Daycare Hours:

• Weekdays: 6:30am - 7pm
• Saturday: 10am - 5pm

No Daycare on Sunday

Daycare Pricing:

• Single Day $31
• Half Day $20
• One-Month Unlimited $475

Full-Day Passes   Half-Day Passes
5 Days $145 ($29/Day) 5 Half Days $90 ($18/Session)
10 Days $280 ($28 /Day) 10 Half Days $160 ($16/Session)
20 Days $540 ($27 /Day) 30 Half Days $450 ($15/Session)
30 Days $780 ($26/Day)    

Passes are good for one-year from date of purchase.
Half-Day sessions are 7am – Noon or Noon – 7pm (Weekdays Only)
Saturdays: 10am – 5pm $20 (For Full Session)